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Building Permits

The Census Bureau identified a processing error affecting estimates for imputed data by permit-issuing place and county for August 2014, originally released on September 25, 2014. On October 8, 2014, new estimates were compiled and released, which impacted less than 6% percent of places. For the places affected, the average correction was approximately 2 housing units. Data for the metropolitan area, state and national level were unaffected by this error.

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Note: If the permit-issuing place you are trying to locate under monthly data is not present, this may be an annual reporting place (reporting annual data only). Please change your selection to annual.

This application provides construction statistics by permit-issuing place and by county on new privately-owned residential housing units authorized by building permits. Data items include number of buildings, units, and construction cost from new privately-owned residential building permits issued. These data are updated monthly. Most of the permit-issuing jurisdictions are municipalities; the remainder are county offices, townships or unincorporated towns.

The Census Bureau requests monthly reports from a statistical sample of about half of all permit-issuing jurisdictions. This monthly sample is re-selected every 10 years, most recently in 2004. Annual reports are requested from the permit-issuing jurisdictions that are not in the monthly sample.

All individual permit-issuing jurisdictions in the universe are listed at the place level. Monthly place-level data are provided for the individual permit-issuing jurisdictions that are requested to report monthly within a given state. Annual place-level data are provided for all individual permit-issuing jurisdictions within a given state regardless of reporting status.

Monthly county-level data are totals provided for each county in which every permit office within that county is requested to report monthly. Annual county-level data are totals provided for each county that has permit-issuing jurisdictions regardless of reporting status.